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Software career accelerator

We will help you take your software career to the next level.

We help paid employees to become freelancers

Gnonce is a community of IT experts that trains software consultants and connects them with partners offering software projects.

Our novel operating model brings together the best aspects of paid employment and entrepreneurship, lowering the bar of freelancing for mid and senior-level software developers.

We are changing the IT industry norms and bringing future winners to the same table.


Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Software developer, are you ready to take your career to the next level? We offer you simple stepping stones to independent freelancing in IT.

We are IT freelancers ourselves and have expertise in technology, entrepreneurship and sales. Our community provides peer support at every stage of your journey, from freelancers to freelancers.

t can be difficult to find freelance projects. We help you network and find the best projects for your expertise. As we break down barriers and act as your support, freelancing will be steady all the way from the beginning.

Our operating model offers you higher compensation for your work than paid employment - without sacrificing the support of community around you.

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Reliable IT consulting partner.

We save everyone's time and make hiring an expert effortless for you.

We provide independent IT industry experts for various types of software development projects. Utilizing freelancers as a part of IT project resourcing is a flexible and efficient way to solve acute shortages of expertise.

Our core competence is to understand software projects from the customer's, partner's and software developer's perspective. This allows us to match and provide the best candidate for the customer's needs.

We have validated the competency of our experts and only provide accurate hits. We put our reputation on the line for every Gnonsulant, so you can be sure to get an expert who produces value from the beginning.

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