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Stepping stones for success

Stepping stones for success

Our way of working makes it easier to start as a freelancer.

Scroll down and see how you can make painless transition from paid employment to freelancing.

The journey begins

The first step towards becoming a Gnonsultant is to meet with us. During a relaxed conversation, you get to talk about yourself, your skills, and your career goals. You will also learn more about us.

The purpose of the meeting is to find out if freelancing and Gnonsulting are the right ways of working for you.

What's next?

If we decide to work together, sparring to become a freelancer may begin.

You do not have to quit your paid job right away, so you can examine your options risk-free.

Let's get sparring

During sparring, we will specify your expert profile, establish a sales strategy, and map out your options in the current project market.

For this purpose, a few hour-long workshops will be organized, resulting in an accurate expert profile, immaculate CV and other materials for sales work.

Time to go fishing

We will offer your expertise to our partners following a previously established sales strategy.

Once a potential project is found, we will discuss it with both the client and you. At this point, we will find out if the gig is a bullseye for you.

We will actively search for projects until a suitable project comes along.

An interesting project comes along

The customer will interview you to get to know you better. During the interview, you will learn more about the customer and their project.

If both parties wish to continue, the Gnonsultant will receive an offer.

It's time for a decision

You have received an offer that's enabling the start of your freelance career.

Now it’s time for the final decision: are you ready to transition from your paid job to freelancing?

Starting as a Gnonsultant

It is time to say goodbye to paid employment. You can now start a company, sign some papers, and take care of other practical matters. Gnonce will help you every step of the way.


After these steps, you will be an independent freelancer with communal benefits — a Gnonsultant!

Contact us and lets start your journey!

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