Independent entrepreneurship as part of something bigger.

Freelancing is a growing way of working in the IT field.

Freelancing is becoming a common way of working in the IT sector.

Over recent years, freelancing has gained significant popularity among software developers. Working as a freelancer primarily offers flexibility, allowing for a balance between work and personal life according to individual preferences. Often, freelancing also provides better compensation for the work done.

While freelancing offers many advantages, it also comes with its challenges. Starting out alone as a freelancer can be difficult as finding gigs requires sales skills and networking, and freelancers do not have the same kind of stable work community that salaried employment offers. Therefore, software developers need to consider which factors are important to them and make their choices accordingly.

Paid employmentFreelancer
Sales skills needed1/54/5
Community & peer support5/52/5
Financial risk1/54/5


We have combined the best aspects of salaried work and freelancing.

Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? Gnonce’s model provides a close-knit and supportive work community for freelancers, supports entrepreneurship, and sources assignments for freelancers. Our model helps more experts to start freelancing.

This led to the creation of Gnonce's new era work model – the golden mean of work – from freelancers to freelancers.

  • Support for career development
  • Sales support
  • Fair compensation
  • Close-knit freelancer community
Gnonce's Golden Mean

Gnonce's Golden Mean

Gnonce vs. Salaried work

As a GnonAs a freelancer with Gnonce, or a Gnonsultant, you can have a greater impact on your own work methods and finances, and receive better compensation for your work. At Gnonce, you are also part of our community, which acts as a support network on the path to entrepreneurship.sultant, you are guaranteed to get better compensation than from paid employment. What's more, you have more control over your work and financial matters.

Gnonce makes work more profitable for the developer.

Gnonce vs. Independent Freelancing

As an independent freelancer, you are your own boss, but you are also responsible for everything. Gnonce finds assignments and does sales work for freelancers, and supports in matters related to entrepreneurship. In our community freelancers can focus on doing their work and developing themselves.

Gnonce makes independent entrepreneurship easier.

A Proven Recipe for Success in the IT Industry.

Starting a freelance career
  • With Gnonce, you can become a freelancer without prior experience in entrepreneurship – we assist you through all the stages of setting up a business.
  • We provide you with the resources and clear steps for IT freelance entrepreneurship, so you can focus on your work instead of the formalities of business operations.
  • Our business model offers you a solid foundation on which it is easy to build a successful, personalized freelance career.
Community and events
  • Our close-knit work community is full of great people with whom we spend time together at various events and activities.
  • At Gnonce, events are reflective of our community, and all those interested can participate in their ideation and planning.
  • We share a similar entrepreneurial mindset with our community members, without forgetting the importance of work-life balance. We work seriously but not solemnly.
Shared risks
  • At Gnonce, you're not left alone. Help is easily accessible, as all of our community members have gone through a similar path from employment to entrepreneurship.
  • We provide comprehensive support in all aspects of business management and help you succeed on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • We assist our freelancers in setting and achieving their career goals by offering personalized help.
Sales support
  • Together, we define your perfect project match and start looking for an assignment that fits your profile.
  • We find the client and the assignment, and we coach you for the interview.
  • Finding a freelancer's first project can take time. We commit to supporting you until you succeed.
Fair compensation model
  • As a freelancer, you receive better compensation for your work than in salaried employment.
  • As a Gnonsultant, you operate as our subcontractor. Instead of earning a salary, we pay your company through monthly invoicing.
  • We use a compensation model that is fair and transparent for everyone. Ask us for more details!
Freedom of choice
  • As a Gnonsultant, you enjoy the freedoms of entrepreneurship
  • Operating as an entrepreneur provides broader opportunities for independent decision-making in e.g. managing projects and your own finances.
  • You have more freedom to choose the tools and working methods that best suit you.

Is Gnonsulting for me?

We have created our model based on the needs of entrepreneurial professionals engaged in expert work. It is an excellent option for you if

  • Gnonce-oYou want to be compensated appropriately for the work you do
  • Gnonce-oYou want to Create your own unique career path and progress deliberately in your career
  • Gnonce-oYou want to make independent decisions about matters such as risk-taking and work methods
  • Gnonce-oYou want to work as a freelancer but keep the benefits of a work community.
  • Gnonce-oYou wants to get help in finding perfect match projects and sales efforts
  • Gnonce-oYou want to receive support in starting and running your business

Becoming a freelancer can be a true challenge.

That's why we help.

Our goal is to help as many IT experts as possible towards happier working life.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Leave us your contact information, and we'll be in touch.

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