Looking for the perfect fit?

We create perfect matches by connecting top IT experts with our clients' projects.

We deliver professionals exactly for your needs.

Our partners are as much public administration organizations, large IT consultancy houses as startup and growth companies. What unites them is that they are looking for specialized expertise - just the precise match that is often needed when developing software, but which is not easy to find.

Our core competency is to understand software projects from both the client's and the software developer's perspective. This allows us to offer only the best precise matches to our partners and experts.


Perfect matching is the silver bullet for resourcing

A perfect match is a situation where the client's need, the expert's skills, and previous experience meet perfectly. We help to define the precision match for both the client and the expert. Afterward, we bring the parties to the same table.

In a perfect match, everyone meets. The client gets a highly motivated expert who can create value from the start. At the same time, the expert gets an assignment that is enjoyable for them, where they can challenge themselves and develop professionally.

  • Time, place, and allocation
  • Industry and client
  • Technologies and role
  • Cultural fit and common goals

Perfect matching keeps all parties satisfied and is the recipe for long-term and successful cooperation between Gnonsults and clients.

We have connected countless matches

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Finding an expert is difficult.

That's why we're here to help.

We bring independent experts to the same table with our clients. Join our partner network and start collaborating with Gnonce.

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Fitting tool for every taks - and a Gnonsultant

The consultants provided by Gnonce, or Gnonsultants, are top experts in the field who adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape. We are not entrenched in one or a few specific technologies, but believe that there is a right tool and technology for every situation. Whether it's a well-known, stable older technology, or a newer and emerging growing technology, we strive to find the best solution for our clients, regardless of technology.

Among us, there is a wide range of technical expertise, for example, in full stack development, cloud platforms, and various architectures. Our unifying factor is a profound knowledge of the core techniques in the field and the ability to solve problems and create added value with the help of modern tools.

Gnonsultants use, for example, the following techniques:

Check what our partners have to say about perfect matches

The expert swiftly caught up with the project and harmonized well with the team. After our original project expanded, it was natural for the expert to take on the role of leader, designer, and developer of the new project. Everything has progressed as expected, and the expert has adapted to the existing environment without fail.


Jani Lehtinen

Production Director, Cinia


How using Gnonsultants differ from own recruiting

  • When using a Gnonsultant's services, you get expertise with a flexible service agreement
  • We can also help you find an expert for a smaller gig
  • You pay only for bullseyes, nothing else
  • This makes resourcing more efficient and accessible
Wider reach
  • Gnonce reaches the unattainable talent in its own recruit
  • Through us, you can reach both freelancers and experts in paid employment
Validated expertise
  • We possess comprehensive technical competencies to validate the Gnonsultant's expertise
  • Bullseye truly means a perfect match. That's a promise
Motivated experts
  • Our model financially motivates experts toward a long-term commitment
  • Gnonsultant's own business serves as an incentive to deliver more than is requested
Peer support for experts
  • Gnonce is a community where experts support each other
  • Our freelancers have the entire community's support, whatever the issue


Contact us and let's find the perfect match for yout needs.